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Orlando's Hair Care Routine


At last, my go to Hair Care Routine can be yours too. After years of learning my own hair and numerous trial & errors, I have figured out the BEST products for my hair that keep it healthy and beautiful. Key note: I do not use a ton of different products, its more so the overall healthy lifestyle I live and believe in that keeps everything in place. With this Experience you will receive a file containing my go to hair care routine, including shampoo & conditioners, after wash care, weekly wash regimen and more. Remember we all have different hair and our hair responds differently to different products and hair care routines, what works for me may not work for someone else. Best of luck!

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Operation High Octane: Workout with Orlando


Hello! If you know me you know I am BIG on health and fitness. I have curated a series of At Home Workouts designed for all levels of fitness. With this Experience you will receive 5 different workout circuits you can complete at home. Each circuit has an intermediate and competitor level circuit; minus the weighted circuit, intermediate being beginner and competitor requiring more skill. This package will include 2 body weight workout circuits, 2 resistance band workout circuits, and a weighted (dumbbell) workout circuit all depending on what you have access to. No matter where you begin, its up to you in how challenging you make your workouts. Consistency breads results. Happy to have you a part of Operation High Octane.

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